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Art is the soul
of society.

As long as there is art, there is hope. That is why we want to help young artists from Ukraine to promote and sell their work. To help and invest in the future of freedom for Ukraine.

Half of the proceeds will go to the artist, the other half will be donated to “Stichting Vluchteling” (Netherlands Refugee Foundation). 
 Every euro donated goes straight to this mission.

We are a foundation of artists and creatives from the province of North-Brabant. With this initiative we will be collecting money for refugees from Ukraine and above all we keep the Ukrainian culture alive.

We hebben contact met deze kunstenaars wiens werk we hier in gelimiteerde oplages drukken. We krijgen daarbij van alle kanten hulp uit de creatieve sector in Brabant. Help ook mee en investeer in jonge kunstenaars van de Oekraïne.

Let op! We verkopen niet het originele werk van de kunstenaars, maar Art Prints. 

Help by buying art!

“Art is the highest form of hope”

– Gerhard Richter , painter

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Giclée prints (ART PRINTS)

The method of giclée printing was first developed in America. It is derived from the French verb "gicler", which means to blast or to spray. A giclée is a very detailed fine art print, which is very popular within the art world because of its extremely high quality. A giclée has the same color intensity as the original (as opposed to a normal printing process), the ink used is based on real pigments, has more depth perception, is applied on high-quality acid-free paper and the color fastness is guaranteed for a very long period (100 years).

The Refugee Foundation ('Stichting Vluchteling') provides assistance to refugees and displaced individuals in acute or long-term crisis situations. Not only when a crisis receives a lot of international attention, but also when the suffering takes place in silence. In addition to this they also help people when they can finally return home.

The situation for 44 million Ukrainians is very concerning and constantly changing. More than a million Ukrainians have fled their country in just one week. More than half of those have fled to Poland. The Refugee Foundation supports two regional emergency and disaster relief organizations that provide support in Ukraine and the surrounding countries.

What the Refugee Foundation does:


KVK: 85912174

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